Based on a Thorough and Concise Process

Creating a brand is about people; being intuitive and achieving the most lucrative results in the viewer’s mind—this is what we aim to achieve!

Branding Process


We do our homework to figure out: What do we want to achieve with your logo and overall brand? What challenges do we face? We lay out a road map to reach a successful end-product with limited detours.


We analyze to understand the main priorities of the brand research, fleshing out brand goals and building a unified vision we see fit for the ultimate end-product.

Creative Development

Now it’s time to integrate meaning with visual form; where we work to strategize and create logo concepts that are in full alignment with your company’s vision, voice and message.

Refine & Finalize

Concepts will be refined perfecting the balance between vision and visual. Upon finalization, TDco. will provide logo files to continue to tell your story and carry out the new look/feel in future marketing materials.

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