Since 2015, Tomahawk has been working alongside Matlock & Associates, a custom software solutions, information technology, and austere environment operations company. From print design, to re-branding, and everything in between, we have aided in the creation of materials necessary to convey countless service offerings to their clients.

Print Design and Re-Branding

Headquartered in Washington, DC, and with austere environment mission support as one of their key offerings, Matlock has worked successfully in some of the most difficult regulatory environments. In order to portray company information in a clear and concise format, no matter where their next client may be stationed, we have worked to create a suite of one-sheets and marketing materials that provide quick hits of information in a way that is not only educational, but also visually appealing.

In late 2017, we completed the re-branding process for the company. Per client direction, the “& Associates” was dropped, in order to create a more succinct and recognizable name for their audience. With a focus on mission support and information technology at the forefront of their services, the new brand showcases a cyber lock as the logomark. The revised typography also portrays professionalism and solidarity, two key features of the company’s mission.

Web Design

Following the re-branding process, Tomahawk began a website overhaul. With an extensive amount of content, we assessed the user experience through the navigation and menu system to come up with a revised design to meet the clients’ needs and keep their audience from getting lost within the site. The result was a fresh, organized platform that showcases the new look and feel of the Matlock brand.

Tomahawk has assisted with the following: Re-branding; web design; social media; advertising; marketing materials; stationery design; content creation; signage; event collateral; information graphic, presentation graphics, proposal graphics

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