#BmoreCreative: We’re smitten with the vibrant community of creatives and small business owners here in Maryland. So much so, that we’re making it a point to sit down and have proverbial tea with as many as we can find! First on the list? Our dear friend Maureen Miche of The Green Door in Bel Air, Maryland. 


If there’s one word we’d use to describe the feeling you get when you walk into The Green Door, it’s “inspired.”

Maureen and her siblings run this incredible vintage tag sale and DIY workshop collective that’s quickly becoming our favorite place to spend our free time. (Why’s it called “The Green Door,” you ask? You’ll just have to watch to find out!)

The shop’s eclectic name carries inside, where each nook and cranny bursts at the seams with adorable vintage items and ephemera. Vintage, yes, but boring? Not a chance. Most of the vintage furniture has been up-cycled for the modern homemaker via an enviable selection of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. Among the vintage is a fine collection of locally-made home decor goods, some even sourced from yours truly :).

If vintage shopping isn’t your thing, though, we promise you’ll love the DIY workshops hosted here. We’re nuts for their Painted Side Table workshop and their Hanging Terrariums class, ourselves. Their classes are affordable, easy and best when attended with friends!

As if that wasn’t enough to make you want to come and never leave, just last weekend The Green Door announced the opening of their new expansion– a bridal/ event consultation and decoration rental service. We were lucky enough to be in attendance for their grand opening celebration, lending our custom hand-lettering skills to all the partygoers. Check out some of our pics on Facebook!

How, exactly, does one run a wildly successful shop and still have time to scope out celebrity crushes? We’re not sure, but Maureen manages to make it look easy. Click above to see more of Maureen’s shop — and hear some of her favorite things– in this intimate look at The Green Door.


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