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When it comes to coffee, America is not messing around. Long gone are coffee’s humble roots as a bitter, utilitarian draft — today’s multi-billion dollar industry evolves quicker than a tinder relationship.

There are so many great local coffee spots in MD, it’s hard to know which brews are worth the swipe right. Our criteria for a good brew house? Quality coffee (duh!), menu diversity and an atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

After weeks of scouting lattes and scones, we found love in a hopeless place a place that knocks it out of the park. When we found out they had wine on the menu, too, we knew we had to share!

Artifact Coffee’s eccentricity starts online, with a website as dedicated to quirk as it is to conveying their stance on sourcing local. They carry the trademark it-girl brews: Japanese cold pressed, chemex, exotic loose leaf tea. But it’s what they have beyond the brew that makes this one of Maryland’s best coffee shops.

Artifact has a thoughtful menu, miles ahead of your neighborhood Starbucks, that offers a full morning and day kitchen. They even offer dessert, in the form of cookies (molasses crinkle, anyone?) and whiskey or rum espresso to keep you warm on a cold afternoon.

Perhaps our favorite aspect of all is the sense of community that seems to naturally cultivate around the space. The baristas, while well coiffed, were anything but snobby, and took the time to warmly welcome, deliver to our table and make recommendations for our next visit.

If you’re wondering where to find us this winter, now you know where we’ll be. If you happen to visit and sit beside us- say hello! – and we’ll sidle up and order us chemex for two.


Team Tomahawk