Like-Minded Mamas Holiday Giveaway!


Book Giveaway

This has been a crazy fall for us here at TDco., but we’re happy to share with you one of our most recent projects that has come to completion!

Like-Minded Mamas

Meet Tonya, Heather and Stephanie, a group of three passionate women who make up The Like-Minded Mamas. Anything and everything natural health related, they’re on it! This fall, they have transformed almost every holiday recipe staple into healthy, nourishing alternatives that are satisfying for both the body and the mind. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, you’ll take comfort in knowing you’re staying true to REAL food when following their cookbook this holiday season.

cream cake


With its organic letterforms and personal touch, hand-lettering was the perfect gateway to helping the book spring to life. In collaboration of layout with Crimson Design Works, we lettered anything from the cover to section headers to recipe titles with as much care and finesse as is used in each and every one of the Like-Minded Mamas’ recipes.

Take a peek and be sure to enter our holiday giveaway to win a free printed copy—simply visit the TDco Facebook page and comment on our giveaway post!

Happy, healthy holidays to you and yours.


New Beginnings


Sometimes a fresh start is in order! In honor of mine, I’ve compiled a list of “New Beginning” necessities for the following…

1. Peace: A slight breeze through these beauties are sure to ease the soul.

2. Calming: Bubble baths are my jam.

3. Luck: Not only is the horseshoe itself gorgeous, but I looove some quality packaging!

4. Strength: Obviously can’t resist something with an axe on it; although manly, this soap promotes circulation and contributes to the release of toxins.

5. Extra luck: Because you can never have enough!

6. Success: As a girl with an awful green thumb, this simple bamboo plant in the office suggests that my success will [hopefully] live on.

7. Bravery: For those moments when you just need to stop, take a breath and soak it all in.

8. Creativity: always, always and always. New notebooks for new beginnings.

9. Fun: Because if bubble baths don’t do the trick, wine surely will. Make your mark on your new start.

10. Rejuvination: Detox tea full of natural goodness.

Hope you enjoy and can use some of these gems when committing to a fresh start of your own—may it be big or small.