Sometimes a fresh start is in order! In honor of mine, I’ve compiled a list of “New Beginning” necessities for the following…

1. Peace: A slight breeze through these beauties are sure to ease the soul.

2. Calming: Bubble baths are my jam.

3. Luck: Not only is the horseshoe itself gorgeous, but I looove some quality packaging!

4. Strength: Obviously can’t resist something with an axe on it; although manly, this soap promotes circulation and contributes to the release of toxins.

5. Extra luck: Because you can never have enough!

6. Success: As a girl with an awful green thumb, this simple bamboo plant in the office suggests that my success will [hopefully] live on.

7. Bravery: For those moments when you just need to stop, take a breath and soak it all in.

8. Creativity: always, always and always. New notebooks for new beginnings.

9. Fun: Because if bubble baths don’t do the trick, wine surely will. Make your mark on your new start.

10. Rejuvination: Detox tea full of natural goodness.

Hope you enjoy and can use some of these gems when committing to a fresh start of your own—may it be big or small.